The Zimbabwe Asset Management Corporation (Private) Limited (ZAMCO) was established by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe in July 2014 as

The Zimbabwe Asset Management Corporation (Private) Limited (ZAMCO) through its Bids and Awards Committee invites all interested

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To efficiently resolve the non-performing loans of banking institutions in Zimbabwe through acquiring, restructuring and disposal of NPLs.

Our Mandate

Integrity- Ethical, trustworthy, honesty, loyalty, transparency
Innovation-Initiative, creativity, solves problems, resourceful , technical rigor/expertise
Teamwork-fairness/equity, internal/external collaboration, building strategic partnerships/relationships
Accountability-takes ownership, follows rules, regulations, guidelines, transparency
Decisiveness-Boldness, effectiveness

Our Values

We exist to acquire, manage, restructure and dispose NPLs of banks in Zimbabwe in order to realise maximum value for all Stakeholders. We shall achieve this by Providing fair value to the banks for their NPLs, Engaging and collaborating with Stakeholders

Our Mission

To reduce non-performing loans in the banking sector to below 5%

Our Vision