Dr Cosmas Kanhai - Chief Executive Officer

Cosmas is a seasoned banker with over 25 years’ experience in commercial banking, investment banking, central banking, banking regulation and supervision, asset management and securities He started his banking career at Barclays Bank of Zimbabwe Limited where he acquired extensive skills and experience in all facets of retail bank operations, risk management, credit, treasury management and internal auditing. In July 1999 he went to the United Kingdom where he undertook training in risk based auditing and risk management techniques at Barclays Bank GIA in London. He joined NDH Holdings Limited in July 2001 and held senior management positions in risk management, internal auditing, stockbroking, asset management and discount house operations.

Cosmas joined the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe August 2005, initially in the Corporate Governance, Risk Management and Internal Audit Division and later in the Bank Supervision Division as Chief Bank Examiner before being transferred to set up and run ZAMCO as Chief Executive Officer.

He holds a Doctor of Philosophy degree with a specialization in Banking from Christ University Bangalore in India, a Masters in Business Administration (Finance) degree from Midlands State University, Master of Science in Strategic Management from Chinhoyi University of Technology and BSc Banking Management (Cyprus) and Bachelor of Business Management (Hons) Finance from Edinburgh Napier University (UK) degrees.

In addition, he holds various professional qualifications in banking, accounting, risk management and treasury management. He is also researcher and has published a number of research articles in various peer reviewed journals.

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